Simple Technology

We have a proven track record with spin-off and startups businesses in various industries in particular technology companies, both hardware and software, and have helped them to succeed in growing their business over time. Our go to market strategy include an understanding of where they wish to go, how to go and the steps required to get there. Backed by our expert sales team with deep understanding of the market, we work with our clients on an integrated approach to help them improve commercial activities, gain visibility and mindshare and competitive advantage. This in return, reduces the time to market and costs in building an engaging sales team for many startups with immediate success into market.

We help startups in building a strong foundation for success. We are aware of what it takes to transform an idea or product into profitable business and hence we design a catalyst program for every startup. Our catalyst program not only provides expert sales team with indepth understanding of the market with effective market penetration, that is backed by our services and support team that serves as an extention to your own support organisation. Our in-house experts can help you validate business models, validate business models and share ideas on marketing strategy to potential investors and our extended network of partners in the region.